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WOW I can tell you, I have never epect that I get so much Emails because of my yesterday´s CT Call!!! I thought before the Call, that I get 2 applications, but now there are 21!!! I can´t believe it, great!!! I decided that the call ends on June 9th and I think it will be a very hard descision!

Today I finshed a new Basic Template Set, a Set for 2 Photo Pages. I made a first Layout with one Template:

Full Credits in my DST Gallery.

Today I made some Desktop Templates. It´s a set of 3 and I added on each a calender of the next coming months, but you can delete it and choose the templates for the month you want:

If you like my stuff, you can buy it 40% off on June1st and 2nd:

I hope to see you all there, that free kit is great and soooo big!!!!!!

You can visit my store with this link:





you can find here a great freebie, but the blog has an error at the moment:


see you tomorrow!


[CT Call]

Happy Wednesday!!

Today I scrap with new photos of my best friend Kathleen and her cute daughter Josephine. She lives 500 km away from me and we do not see us often, but we call us very often.
Here my Layout for her:

Full Credits in my DST Gallery.

I decided to search for my first CT. Are you a template Lover?

Basic requirements are:

*2-3 layouts a month
*Post to DST, and 2 other galleries of your choice, great if you post it on the Scrapdigistyle Gallery too
*You can use any kit by any designer that you'd like with the templates
*Play the DST Praise Game with the Layouts you made with my stuff ( I can explain it to you, it takes only 2 Minutes to play this Game)
*Play from time to time the DST CT Enabling Thread (there you can showcase products of your CT´s)

If these requirements sound like something you can handle and you are interested in joining the team please email me at chantal190177@online.de and put Creative Team Call in the subject line. Include the answers to these questions:

What is your screen name?
Please include a link to your most current gallery.

You can check out the products that I offer here and here.

I hope that anyone is interested :o)

Und das selbe nochmal in Deutsch:

Was ich erwarte:-
*2-3 Layouts im Monat mit meinen Templates (natürlich auch den Photo Clusters)
* die Layouts müssen in 3 Galerien gestellt werden: DST und zwei Galerien eurer Wahl (klasse wär noch Scrapdigisytle, weil ich da verkaufe)
* ihr könnt außer meinen Produkten jedes Produkt eurer Wahl dazunehmen
*die Layouts, die ihr bei DST postet, sollen beim DST Praise Game gepostet werden (dort postet man sein Layout des Tages und bekommt dafür Kommentare, so sehen viele Leute die Layouts)
*ab und zu mal bei DST das CT Enabling mitmachen, das ist jeden Tag ein Thread, bei dem jedes CT Mitglied seine Designer ein bisschen promoten kann, das heißt ein Produkt vorstellen kann (ist ne Sache von 2 Minuten).

Hier könnt ihr euch meine Sachen ansehen:

hier und hier

Ich freue mich auf Bewerbungen an chantal190177@online.de, bitte schreib als Betreff CT Call und schreib in die Email Deinen online Usernamen und Deine beste Galerie.

Ich hoffe, dass sich jemand bewirbt :o)










Today is Justin Timberlake in Mannheim, thats a City only 30 km away. I think it´s a great concert, but I don´t have tickets :o( My favorite Radio station has given a meet an greet with him today, oh I think I called the radio station 1000 times, but no chance.

I can tell you about my new CT now.... it´s the CT for CORI GAMMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out her stuff and a sale here:

She sells in a second store, but this is closed until Friday.

And here is my first Layout with her stuff:
This is my Layout for -eVa-s and Windgeflüsters Contest, made with stuff by Sylvie (Sausan Designs).

Full Credits in my DST Gallery and the contest is here:



I am one of the new designers at a brand new shoppe:

here is my stuff: http://scrapdigistyle.com/shoppe/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=14&zenid=a11f76c407adee1d99398623c32cee76

And there is a great opening this friday and saturday with challenges, prizes, a biiiig freebie...and a secret :o)

Check out my blog on Friday for more details. I will host there a scraplift Challenge!


Most of women loves shoes. But not me. I love handbags. I think I can buy a new one every week. My new favorite are the REISENTHEL bags. This is my new one:

And today I bought Harry Potter 7 at Amazon. It will be released in Germany in October, sooo long to wait. And I hope that I don´t read or here the end of the book, before it will be released in Germany.



only one freebie, but I think yesterdays freebies are awesome enough :o)


[From SSD Blog to mine]

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
I got this off of SSDs blog. You should play too and see if you’re weirder than me! Come on, there’s gotta be someone out there…….




Today is holiday here in Germany and it´s raining all day :o(

So we decided to go to a Indoorplayground and it was a funny afternoon.

I have 2 new Layouts:

Full Credits in my DST Gallery.

I am in a new CT!!!!!!!!! And I am sooooo happy about that. It was a call for a Guest Ct, but she asked my if I want to go to her full CT. What a question, yes yes yes!!! She hasn´t announced it, so I tell you her name perhaps tomorrow :o)

Sales: 25% off Cori Gammon including her brand new Kit:

Weeds and Wildflowers Sale at Scrapartist:

All page sets in Kathy Moores studio are 50% off...no coupon required! Prices are shown in the store!






Thanks for all the comments yesterday!!!

Today I scrapped with lots of photos, 12.Lena from birth until now. Oh it was great to see all the older photos again. Where did the time go? Here is my layout about it:

I used one of my templates, Ready to Scrap Volume 7:

Credits in my DST Gallery.

Here are two photos, made today:

Sales and Freebies:

Gina Miller has a sale, 15-30% off all her products:


and I bought this:


Jen Caputo has a great sale, 35% off, just use the code MEM35:


I bought this:


SBB has changed their Site Design and Navigation, check it out and look for a great sale:


Janet Philips has a 40% Sale:


It´s Stacie Prinzo´s Birthday and she has a 50% off Sale for any order over 5 Dollar with the code birthday 07:


Amanda Rockwell has a great sale:


30% Studio Jessica (discount applied once items are in card)


and here some freebies:






[Freebie Friday]

Happy Friday!!

No plans for today, perhaps Lena goes to my mom´s house this afternoon.

I have my new photo clusters in the store now!!! And a set too:


I hope you like them!!

And because its a great day, I have a freebie for you, some negative strips:


Have a wonderful weekend!!!!




another hot day here in Germany, perhaps Lena and I go swimming this afternoon.

Here are my latest Layouts, both in my new fav colors:

Full Credits in my DST Gallery.

I am searching for great kits with orange and yellow paper, so, if you sell one or know a great one, please leave me a comment with the store link. Then I can fill up my kaboodle.

Oh do you want to see my Kaboodle? Here:

two freebies:




a second little posting by me today.

No Weight Watchers today, because the teacher is in the USA. Great, I wish I could go to the USA!

Check out those great freebies:

and Carrie has a sale too!





have you seen Sylvies new stuff in her Studio? This is my favorite:


I finished my first Layout with this kit, it´s for the Diggi Shoppe Scraplift Contest, a Scraplift of
-eVa- (take a look in my gallery which Layout I lifted)

Yesterday was a big day for Lena, she wanted to go to the Kindergarten in the afternoon. She goes to the Kindergarten every morning between 9:00-12:00 but if she wants, she can go between 13:30-16:00 too. And yesterday she decided to go!!! When I came at 15:45 to pick her up, she wanted to stay there :o)

But this morning...she said she never wanted to go to the kindergarten again!!!!!! I bring her and there she cries very hard and I decided to stay there for half an hour. But after it, she till cries and I go home and said to her teachers, that they should call me if she wants to come home. But no phone call!

Today is one.derful wednesday at Jen Wilson Designs:


And here one freebie: