Happy Weekend!!

Only a short blog entry one with one Layout and freebies.

This is a Layout for the CT of Sausan Designs:

Credits in my DST Gallery.

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{Die Hard 4.0}


yesterday was the big eve...Die Hard 4.0
I really love Bruce Willis and can´t wait to see him in this movie. I was at the cinema with my friend Britta and Tanja. 3 girls in love with Bruce :o)

Britta, this is just for you and me :o) Enjoy it!

Ahhh he is soooo sexy! I know he is old enough to be my father, but I really love him!!!
And here is the trailer, in German:

Here are my latest Layouts:

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no new Blog entry yesterday, it was a busy day. Today only a short one.

I go to the cinema this evening: DIE HARD 4.0

I love Bruce Willis and can´t wait to see it!!
Here is an older Layout, it was for a challenge, and now I can show it:

Credits later in my DST Gallery.


Sylvie has a great new Box for you:

Don´t miss it, only 2 bucks and so worth it!!!!!!!!


Sylvie has a great Doodle Frame!!







today Lena decided that she wants to paint a little bit on her board. Whenever she do this she only made some zigzags or something, perhaps some circles, but never more.

And now take a look at this:

I asked her what she had painted and she said: Mama, can´t you see it? Thats me!!!
And then she shows me everything, the nose, the eyes and mouth, the hair, the hands, legs etc.

I took this picture and after it, she deleted it :o( If she had painted it on a paper, I had hang it up at the wall!

Here are my two latest Layouts, I finished more, but can´t show them today:

This is for Lift with a twist:

and this is for this weeks Hodge Podge and...it´s my 200 Layout this year!!!!!!

I can´t believe that I finished my 200 Layout, wow!

You all knwo that Sylvie is this months Guest Artist at Scrapartist. So hurry and buy her fab Lil Jake kit!

And while you are at Scrapartist, take a look at her challenge with a little freebie:


And here are some other freebies:






I hope you all had a great weekend!
Yesterday Lena and Oli took a bycicle ride and I had time to scrap and search the internet for great challenges.
This is my page for this weeks Digi Dare:
This is my LO for this weeks Studio Starts Challenge:

and this is my SSD Blog Spin a Lift LO:
I found 3 other great challenges, I hope to play them this evening or tomorrow.

At the Diggi Shoppe is a storewide Sale:


I hope the weather would be better tomorrow. It´s summer and raining all day...


[a long one]


today I try to write a long new blog entry (like always, sorry for my bad english).

If you are looking for the freebie, scroll a little bit.

This morning Lena wakes up and the first thing she said was: Is today the Kindergarten Party? Can we go NOW? (She wokes up at 8 am and the party starts at 11 am...and she asked if we can go every 5 minutes).

The weather was very bad today, rain, rain, rain, all morning. When the party started, it´s still raing, so we are sitting all in the Kindergarten on the childs little chairs, eating and drinking and waiting for better weather.
At 1.30 pm the sun comes out, we go all in the big garden and the kids had their performance. Oh they look all soooo sweet. Little fairies, hunters and dwarfs.

Lena and her friends Lilly and Louis wanted to be a fairy (Louis a hunter), but the little kids are the dwarfs. So all of them decided to do not their performance :o)

But it was a great performance and they like to look at it. I took lots of photos today.

Here is one Photo of Lena and Lilly in a Layout for a Scrapliftchallenge:

It was a great day!!!!!

This is my Layout for the Blog Spin a Lift Challenge at SSD:

Credits in my DST Gallery.

I have this week two products on sale, they are 25% off:


and take a look at my last post, the two new ones are on sale too!


I was tagged by Shawnery, one of my great CT Members, to tell 7 things about me :) So, here we go:

1. I am the oldest of 3 children

2. I am 30 years old

3. I have a great daughter, Lena, she is 3

4. I am in love with Oli since 8 years

5. I am a Diggi Scrapper since 2 years now

6. I love to hear music all day

7. My favorite TV Show is Desperate Housewives

Now I tag -eVa- and Kara!


It´s time again for From SSD Blog to mine:

So this week, in honour of our pixie kit, I bring to you a quick lil quiz about pixies!
Check out the pixie quiz here !

and this is my result:

You are a spirit pixie!

you love all life, and see good in everything! GO YOU!!! you totally fit the expression see the world through rose colored glasses!

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Oh what a long Blog entry! But I am sooo tired, I have to go to bed now! Wish you all a great sunday!!!