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Happy Friday!

Can you believe that August is almost over? But I know there are many great thing in September. Tomorrow there are a few new designers, great biiig kits, a new store and so on.

And I am selling at a new store too!!!!!
I decided to leave Scrap Digi Style and I moved to a new store, Angels Dreams Boutique! Tomorrow is the grand opening with a storewide sale, 35% off, a biiig freebie and more! Don´t miss it!


Sausan Designs is turnin 1 tomorrow and she has a great sale:


Have I told you that my best friends wedding is in December? Tomorrow we go shopping, she needs her dress! Oh I am very excited for her!





Have a great weekend!




today I was at the Weight Wacthers Meeting again, and I lost 900 Gramm, thats ~2 pounds.
Only 9 pounds and then I am ready!

Today I scrapped with lots of new stuff by Micheline Martin and Chere Kaye:

I was Cheres Guest at August, but I can stay at a full time CT Member!!!!! My month for Micheline is now over. In September I am the Guest of DANI MOGSTAD!!! Can´t wait to start!

Cori Gammon will leave TDS and she is having a special offer before saying goodbye. You can buy here store!! 75% off!!!!!!


At Little Dreamer you can get great buttons and circles for just one Dollar:


Vera Lim has 3 specials for us:





Happy Tuesday!

No new Layouts by me today...our fixed disk crashed this weekend. All my scrapstuff is on it... I have made a backup, no problem, but we have to send the fixed disk to the manufacturer and have to wait now for a new one...
This is a Layout made by my webfriend Andrea, isn´t it great?


Micheline Martin has a great sale, 30.00% off everything shows in checkout!!!




Happy Saturday!

I can´t believe how fine the weather is...and I have a Autumn Blog Style....

I scrapped this page for the new Digi Dare:

After I finished it, I changed the photos, take a look at Lenas Blog:

Here some freebies:







Happy Friday!!

I can´t believe that the vacation is today a week over. Oli is still sick, he is at home until the middle of September or longer.

Summer decided to come back and we have great weather!

Here is my latest Layout:




Happy Wednesday!

I have good news, Olis surgery yesterday was great, when I come to the hospital to visit him he stands outside smoking...I couldn´t believe it.
This morning the doctor said, that everything is okay and he could go home!!!!!!
He can now go to a doctor here in town and is now at home.

Here is my latest Layout, it shows little Mika, the ds of my webfriend Sandra:

Vera Lim has a great freebie and special orders:


Shabby Miss Jenn celebrates her store Birthday with a sale:








Summer is over for me, and I decided to make a new Blog Header in Autumn Colors.

I found the great new Kit by Weeds and Wildflowers and its perfect!!



Both paxks are 20% off!

Now I have to clean the house, I hate it...
Today is Oli´s surgery, and I am waiting for a phone call by him this afternoon!




Oli is in hospital now, but the surgery is tomorrow.

Here are my latest Layouts:

Full Credits in my DST Gallery.

Kim de Smet celebrates her birthday with a great sale, 31%off and a great Grab Bag:





We are back from vacation! It was a great week full of relaxing, swimming, eating :o) and I have finished 5 books in that week.

Lena loved most the big swimming pool. After watching all of the photos we have taken, I made first a Layout about swimming:

I think I´ll scrap a few more vacation Layouts in the next days. I will upload some photos later on Lenas Blog: http://www.lena2004.blogspot.com/

Tomorow is Olis surgery and he is very afraid. I´ll inform you about it the next days.

Great to be back home!!!!
Here are a few freebies:

See you!!


[Bye Bye]


This will be the last Blog entry for the next two weeks I think.

We go on vacation this friday and I have so much things to do before that.

We will be back in Germany late night at the 17th, and on the 20th Oli has to go to the hospital for his operation, so I am still off then.

Here are my latest Layouts:

Full Credits in my DST Gallery.

I got a PM at DST by Rachel Martin if I want to be on her CT! But I have to say no :o( I can´t handle another CT and I love my CT´s and don´t want to leave one of them! But I asked her, if I could be a guest for a month at October and she said yes!

I am the Gem of the Day at Scrap Gypsies and won a gift at Shabby Elements!!!

Check it out here:

Here some freebies:

See you in two weeks!!